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Real Estate and Contruction

The building, construction, and real estate industries encompasses a broad spectrum of interests. These include the traditional players, such as owners, investors, developers, lenders, and engineering and construction firms as well as non-traditional players, such as banks, insurance companies, special servicers, and pension funds.

Amid today’s turbulent economic landscape, all of these players face increasingly complex challenges. Selecting the right professional services firm – one with the industry depth, knowledge, and insight to help clients address their most pressing issues and realize the opportunities ahead – can be critical to success. That is why many clients turn to XEQ-Sytems for corporate advice, building, construction and real estate practices that provide tailored services through the business life cycle.

Land Surveying

With a technical background in Land surveying and the passion to improve the services in this industry, XEQ has provided its clients high quality, timely and accurate deliverable. The touch of excellence and the attention to details given each piece of work brought in by our esteemed clients leave no room for error. Our specialty is;

A. Title processing

B. Opening boundaries and sub divisions

C. Title verification.

Financial Services

With stringent financial loans procedures, increasing interest loans decline economic, Ugandan are left with limited options of quick money services. The company offers QUICK financial services to individuals, groups and companies that met the requirements. The quick loans allow individuals, groups and companies to meet their financial needs at a critical point. XEQ is always waiting at their point of need.


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